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'Importance of personal hygiene'

 'Importance of personal hygiene'

personal hygiene

This is one major aspect of all-around health. Before I delve deeper into my thought on this topic let's get a dictionary definition of hygiene.

According to the Oxford Advanced, Learner's Dictionary, personal 'hygiene' is the  'conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness. This definition would serve as a guide on today's topic. 'Importance of personal hygiene'

We have many aspects of Health, these include:

Mental health

Physical health

Financial health

Social health

Marital health and so on

How does personal hygiene affect our mental health?

Well, let me start by saying if you pay attention to being clean it makes you mentally sound. This is what I'm trying to say, I have never seen a clean mad man or woman before in my life, not even in a movie, whenever one is not mentally sound one of the first thing he or she  discards is being clean and once they run mad they are more drawn to dirt and feel very comfortable in it. That's why during rehab, they are kept in clean homes and properly catered for. When we are conscious of being clean all around which include washing our body, putting on clean clothes and having a clean conscience we have a greater chance of having a sound mind.

The role of personal hygiene in our Physical health. 

Well for starters, I strongly believe a certified doctor would have done great Justice to this aspect, providing all the needed fact to drive in this lesson that being clean is the first step to keeping our body mind and soul healthy, that notwithstanding I would express my opinion on this from the experience I have, Cleanliness is so important to our physical health that for example if a lab technician wants to take a blood sample from a patients he or she would clean the surface of the skin first, the same goes for nurses before injecting  patients they never forget to clean first, this I have experienced in way I think that this is an unspoken lesson that being clean is a prerequisite to being healthy.

Having said this, let's go logical, can one be truly healthy when one is not clean? by this I mean the person lives in a dirty environment and does not properly take care of himself or herself, the effect of neglecting to be cleaned may not be immediate in some cases but over time it would manifest and the damage would be obvious for all to see if not corrected.

The role of personal hygiene in our financial health.

I must say that you do not need to spend expensively to be cleaned. And my next statement is a question: 

Have you ever come across a dirty wealthy person before?

 For me the answer is a no, I have never come across a dirty wealthy person, in fact I can vividly remember a movie I watched a long time ago of a rich man who always put on new socks, he never wore a sock twice not after it was washed,  don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we all must live like that. But when we look at the rich what we admire about the rich is not just the expensive things they possess but what we admire in them is the level of neatness they enjoy, for instance, they look clean, have huge clean houses, the latest model of clean looking cars and many more.
Let me now address this is issue head-on, Cleanliness plays a vital role in our financial health. This is vast but I would try my best to make it narrow as possible. Let us look at how Cleanliness would affect a Jobseeker.  If one goes for an interview looking dirty and smelling offensive how would people offer such a good payable job?  Even in business when striking deals one seriously needs to be clean to stand a chance, one builds confidence and boldness when they stand before others knowing very well that they are neat and could not possibly offend their client with their body odour, knowing fully well that having taken care of themselves, they can stand and make their business proposal to their client. 

The truth is that dirt smells and it is usually a turn off that is not needed in our financial health if we want to keep our finance fit we must make sure that people in our business world and around us are comfortable being around us and they are not bearing with us.

How does personal hygiene affect our social health? 

Well this is somewhat tricky to address as social relation is trending beyond contact through innovation such as Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram,  WhatsApp and many others, with this innovation it seems the role of Cleanliness in our social relation is negligible, but I think this is not the case, Cleanliness is admirable and would always be in demand in any world whether existing or to come.

Let me talk about when social relation involved more of physical contact, being clean played a major role in our social relation, for example during the more physical contact era, our friends, guest and neighbours would have a nice time with us whenever they visited and they meet us clean, in a clean house with things properly arranged and kept in the right places than otherwise.

In this new era of less physical contact and more digital contact Cleanliness still plays a major role as peoples are constantly and consciously showing the best part of their personality online with their friends and fans, for example, picture is taking using beautiful neat backgrounds, some even go beyond beautiful background to Photoshopping and digital editing of pictures and video, consciously people showcase the best they have to offer and this usually begins with Cleanliness irrespective of the form they socially interact.

The role of  'personal hygiene' in our marital health.

Wow, this is going to be huge, to start with there are some things that when present makes the home a happy and healthy home one of these things is cleanliness. One fact that would encourage a healthy relationship between the husband and the wife is mutual cleanliness of both the husband and the wife, as individuals each must be clean and collectively both and every member of the family must be interested in keeping the home clean and keeping things in their rightful places. 

The benefit of Cleanliness in marriage cannot be exhausted, if only one partner fails to be clean, for example, smell awful, this would create tension in their relationship especially the aspect that deals with romance and sex as the clean partner would always and consistently be turned off by the dirty partner and if no conscious effort is made to correct this, it may  lead to a lack of love, disrespect and disregard of the unclean by the clean partner, every one of enjoying a clean environment, we feel some peace when we come to our home and find it fresh and well organized.

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