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What do period cramps feel like

What do period cramps feel like?

what do period pains feel like

Personal experience and what actually worked for me.

Period cramps, medically termed dysmenorrhea is a type of pain that is at best difficult to describe, it can only be well known and understood better through experience, for me, I feel this pain when the menstruation is about to start and during the period. So What do period cramps feel like?

My experience with period cramps.

I started my period at a young age and it came with serious pain, let me try to paint the picture of how I felt, it starts with a little above warm feel of blood, then I just know its here, and immediately I start thinking of what is about to happen, serious stomach pain, when I say pain, for me it was like someone or something was cutting the inner wall of my stomach with razor blade, there is also excess production of saliva at a consistent rapid rate that makes me to constantly spit up leading to nausea and finally vomiting, it doesn't stop there is also a feeling like the intestine in my stomach were twisted so much that they hurt worse then the stooling and farting. 

Diarrhoea occurs and I usually would stay in the toilet on the porcelain pushing,  forcing nothing out just because I could not bear the pain and I felt the need to constantly go to toilet to push and sometimes thick clot of blood would just fall off from this pushing giving a brief relief, then the pain continues as long as the Period lasted. 

I know this is not even close to how I really felt but this is the best I can do to describe the pain that comes with headaches, cold, fever, and lack of appetite, as throughout the first day no food or water passes through my mouth as doing so from experience only made the matter worse. And whenever I took drugs, for me the drugs only made the pain concentrated at my lower abdomen and anus region, and this pain was constant for a longer period of time, so I started checking the internet and asking friends and other females how what do period pains feel like? and how to deal with this pain.

What really worked for me

 There are two things I discovered worked very effectively in relieving period pain to a very bearable point, they almost provided complete comfort.

1. Simple fish pepper soup. (ingredient: fish, onions, seasoning and salt)
I noticed that as soon as my period starts if I eat fish pepper soup, I feel less pain, more energized, no cold or feverish feeling, and I did not feel like vomiting neither did I feel pressed so often.

This fish pepper soup can be prepared using dry or fresh catfish or any fish of your choice, but when I tried this I used catfish, there was even a day I had no fish at home, I prepared this pepper soup using crayfish. It wasn't as effective as the catfish but it gave me some relief, I can't really tell what fish contains that makes the pain to relief me.

2. Lime and lemon juice

This is the second remedy, to prepare this, squeeze the lime and lemon to extract juice then add a little water to reduce the sourness to the taste you can bear, take this as soon as the period starts and take more when you feel the pain, it gives the same comfort and relief as fish pepper soup.

I hope these two remedies worked for you.

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