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Today I want us to look at an interesting topic, teeth care. The teeth are very important to us as human and should be properly taken care of.I have noticed that though people use brush and toothpastes everyday to wash their teeth, over time their teeth become stained with plaque.
Personally I frown at plaque teeth in youths especially when it is so obvious.
Now whenever we brush our teeth it is our intension to have clean teeth without plaque and we also want to avoid mouth odour. 
I have also observed that people with plaque tend to have mouth odour or bad breath.
At this juncture, I must say I am not speaking as a medical officer but rather as a human very much interested in general well being. I know there are some teeth issues that need serious medical attention, and I strongly advice a visit to the dentist is money spent wisely.
But not withstanding I would offer a solution to proper teeth care that would prevent plaque and mouth odour.
1. Clean and brush teeth.
This is what I do, I would use a  chewing stick first to clean my teeth and tongue  before using brush and tooth paste. When you use chewing stick to clean your teeth first you would be able to carefully clean your teeth very well especially the base of your teeth, if you have ever use a chewing stick properly before,  you would notice that it is tender and leaves the teeth feeling smooth after cleaning, and the side of the chewing stick can be used on the tongue  to clean it, after that I would then use my brush and toothpaste for the final cleaning of the teeth. Since I started doing this it has help fight teeth plaque especially at the base.
2. Reduce intake of sugary product.
Things like soft drinks, chocolate, chewing gums, alcohol, snacks should be taken in moderation.
3.  Avoid smoking
Though I do not smoke, but I noticed that those who smoke experience teeth colouration, so I strongly advice smoking should be avoid for a healthy teeth.
4. Avoid eating very hard meat
Meat that are not properly cooked tend to be very hard and most times they get stuck in between teeth and this sometimes may be difficult to remove and it can decay in between teeth or create hole in between teeth and when it is eventually removed, creating  more room for storing food particles that would decay to form plaque and cause mouth odour.
4. Reduce intake of iced or too cold product.
I noticed that too cold or iced product cause cracking of the teeth, so they should be consumed with moderation.
5. Don't keep mucor or spit in your mouth for too long before spitting out as I noticed this habit increases mouth odour
6. Close your mouth when you have to.
Some people like to talk for a long time exposing their teeth more than is necessary, and what I noticed from those with this character  whom I have come across their teeth tend to be coloured and plaque
7.  Beware of the body cream you apply on your body.
I noticed that some body lotion that bleaches the skin also cause teeth colouration and mouth odour.
8. Avoid licking lips to often
I as people with this habit tend to have mouth odour.
9. Don't close your mouth all day if you don't have to say something you can just blow air out from your mouth just to refresh your breath after closing your mouth for a long, an alternative is to drink water.
10. Avoid eating food when it is still very hot for a healthy teeth.

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